Why are drains and pipes clogged?

The most common causes of drain blockage are:

  • The settling of various substances and materials into the pipes or drains (mud, grease, oils). These substances create the so-called puri which then hardens and becomes so sticky that any object that falls into the toilet will definitely stick to it
  • Inappropriate items disposed of in the toilet (usually baby wipes, diapers or sanitary napkins). It is no coincidence that a single baby handkerchief combined with a piping purifier is capable of producing drainage blockage.
  • Roots of trees or plants penetrating underground drainage pipes. This is usually done in the outer drains, but also the central drainage blockage, then everything is blocked. It is advisable to have a regular check up before winter and before the rains start.
  • Gutters are mainly clogged by objects falling from trees such as leaves or falling from roofs such as plastics, inert materials, tiles, irons etc. It is best to take care of what you have on your terrace, on your terrace and on your roofs. often cleaned thoroughly.


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By maintaining the wells and the drainage system on a regular basis you eliminate the possibility of a major problem in your drainage network for more ΑΝΤΛΗΣΕΙΣ ΠΕΙΡΑΙΑΣ.

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